Contactless free-standing hand sanitizer dispenser

Sanitation is an extremely efficient and durable, free-standing hand disinfection station. Our automatic hand sanitizer dispenser provides a perfect solution for shops, offices, restaurants, and every other both indoor and outdoor environment, such as gas stations and bus stops. High standard of Polish production, accompanied by the most affordable price on the market together with the unique convenience of utilization. The device manufactured exclusively using the highest quality components and materials. Experience for yourself the advantages of this non-contact hand sanitizer gel dispenser and ensure the health and safety of your customers and colleagues. Implementation of free-standing hand sanitizer of our production will guarantee you that your space will be free of bacteria and other gems. This aspect is especially important nowadays and definitely will be in the future. The use of free-standing hand disinfection station Sanitation in your company will increase the level of credibility of your brand and demonstrate not only professionalism but also goodwill and compliance with safety regulations.

Contactless free-standing hand sanitizer dispenser

About Sanistation - large hand sanitizer dispenser

Hand sanitizer station parameters

Hanging sanitizer gel dispenser stations

High-efficient automatic hand sanitizer gel dispenser, suitable for hanging on the wall, placing on the counter top surface or on the floor (platform sold separately), battery-operated.

Safety glass screens

Safety glass partitions. The perfect solution for beauty salons or hairdressers and also wherever it is necessary to ensure the appropriate distance between people (for example in a queue, in the waiting room etc.).

Made in poland

Excellent quality at a affordable price.

12 month

Manufacturer's warranty

CE certificate

For electrical appliances.


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Safety in the era of coronavirus

The pandemic of COVID-19 had completely changed the world and hygiene standards. Many people are afraid of the possible infection because of SARS-CoV-2. We go out less often, avoid social gatherings and apply more stringent hygiene rules: proper and regular washing of hands with soapy water or decontamination of usable surfaces. Hence, it should not be surprising that the deepening problem associated with the coronavirus epidemic in Europe and around the world has provoked a lively discussion on how to protect yourself from the dangerous virus. Although the situation is serious, we should remember about preventive measures daily to protect ourselves against other pathogens, including influenza and parainfluenza viruses. When talking about prevention, it is usually recommended to follow “basic hygiene principles”. Thanks to them, the possibility of catching a COVID-19 is decreasing significantly.

Operating a business during a pandemic requires numerous restrictions and the introduction of some kind of change in the way it functions. Despite the gradual defrosting of the economy, entrepreneurs will have to deal with the consequences of COVID-19 for a long time. For this reason, it is worth investing in professional disinfection solutions such as hand sanitizer dispensers that will last longer than disposable gloves or masks. One of the most popular solutions currently used in hundreds of shops, pharmacies or other places with increased human traffic is hand sanitizer gel dispenser. It is the easiest way to ensure that owners, employees and customers feel safer. While in public places we have to wear masks, fewer and fewer people are wearing gloves or disinfecting hands. That’s why it’s important to introduce additional protection such as our manual or automatic hand disinfection station.

It cannot be denied that there are many free-standing hand disinfection dispensers all over the place. Which may lead to a question: Why should you invest in own, large hand sanitizer dispenser station? There are quite simple reasons for this. Our hand disinfectant dispenser is a modern, high-quality product that will ensure the trust of employees and customers. As you can see, there are many compelling arguments why you should invest in our free-standing hand sanitation dispenser. Compared to other similar hand hygiene gel dispensers, one of the advantages is that our product allows for full personalisation. For example, you can choose to place your company logo or slogan on the hand sanitation gel dispenser. This way everyone you’ve bought this machine to take care of the sanitation of both your employees and your customers.

It all depends on where we want to use it. The bigger the capacity, the smaller the maintenance needs. The 5-litre tank will certainly allow for about 3,000 applications, which means that for many companies last for even a few days. The aforementioned personalisation option will surely have a positive impact on the PR aspects of each brand. It is worth remembering that the look of the device should be consistent with the corporate identity of the company. Moreover, freestanding hand disinfection stations must be equipped with the so-called drip tray, which prevents the formation of puddles of liquid around the device or its spillage on clothing. The type of appliance for example manual or automatic sanitizer gel dispenser also depends on the protective measures. You can choose between an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with a proximity sensor or a manual option with a pedal. In both cases, human contact with the device is reduced to a minimum.

Freestanding hand sanitizer dispensers and their installation

It is not surprising that following basic hygiene rules at home, should not be especially hard. There is no denial of that fact. However, What about when we have to take care of our business outside? Shopping, driving a car to a mechanic, etc. All these situations, which not so long ago were completely normal, now make people frightened. That’s why they most often avoid going to restaurants, the cinema or even leaving their homes unless they have to. Hence, the current situation is not to good for you. You need to find a solution, thanks to which you can be sure, that potential customers are not going to be afraid of visiting your office, restaurant, hotel etc.
This is why, we came to you with a product, which is a perfect solution for the current pandemic of the COVID-19. The hand disinfection station which is “must-have” for most companies. Especially, if your firm is involved in gastronomy or tourism. Thanks to the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser Sanistation, your customers will be sure, that the place they visit is sanitized and you take care of the business properly.

Availability of hand disinfection stations

The demand for this hand sanitizer dispensers is constantly growing, but it is worth noting that the sales system introduced by us allows for current and quick execution of orders. The hand disinfection stations we offer are manufactured in Poland, which speeds up the shipping process. We carry out orders for large enterprises, institutions or industrial plants. The feature that certainly distinguishes us from the competition is that we can supply wholesale quantities of disinfection stations.

Above all, we care about the safety of our customers’ purchases! We are happy to answer additional questions asked by phone or via e-mail. Additionally, we provide support at the stage of choosing a specific hand sanitizer dispenser, as well as preparing a personalized device option. We understand how important for every business affected by the negative consequences of a pandemic is the resumption of operations, which is why we emphasize on a professional approach to ongoing orders.


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